Archeoskanzen Nižná Myšla

In the village of Nižná Myšla, visitors have the opportunity to learn about life during the Bronze Age. On the flat hill of Várhega on the outskirts of the village, archaeological research was conducted, which revealed the remains of the Ottoman-Fuse Sabonian culture. In addition to the settlement, archaeologists found a burial site about 200 meters away, where more than 900 graves were found with a lot of donations.
Nižná Myšľa thus became an important site of the Early Bronze Age. Enthusiasts from the civic association Collegium Myssle gradually built a replica of the original dwelling, the entrance gate to the settlement and the remains of the dwellings that await visitors here. Many of the findings are of global importance, and therefore a museum presenting the found objects was established right in the village. The area of the archeoskanzen is also the venue for many thematic events.
Lesná 12, 044 15 Nižná Myšľa

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