Hradisko Valy is an ancient archaeological site located in the town of Považská Bystrica, Slovakia. The Hradisko Valy is a must-see for everyone interested in history or archaeology.

Visitors to Hradisko Valy can look at the site’s numerous ruins, fortifications, ramparts, and other archaeological artifacts, including tools, ceramics, and other relics from long ago. You can also explore breathtaking views of the countryside nearby. Additionally, it sponsors numerous cultural occasions and festivals that highlight the area’s rich history and cultural legacy. Reenactments of historical warfare, Celtic music shows, and traditional craft fairs are some of these activities.

Hradisko Valy is an intriguing historical monument that gives visitors a glimpse into Slovakia’s rich cultural legacy. Visitors can travel back in time and envision what life was like for the Celtic and Roman communities that previously lived there due to the site’s excellent preservation and immersive experience.


48°36'40.34"N, 17°59'45.05"E

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