Rohác waterfall

Rohác waterfall is located in the valley of the same name in the Western Tatras, near the well-known Roháčské ples. It is located on Studené potok at an altitude of 1340 m.a.s.l. and is up to 23 meters high. In reality, however, it is a set of two waterfalls, Vyšné and Nižné Roháčské waterfall. Nižný Roháčský waterfall is located approximately 100 meters below Vyšný, but the path to it is quite dangerous, with no official marked route.

The route to the Roháčské waterfall is short, but somewhat more difficult due to the climb. The ideal way to get to it is to go from the ski resort Spálená – Roháče, from where the tourist sign leads. Nearby is also the Roháčská Pleso Educational Trail, where you can get to know the surrounding picturesque landscape of the Western Tatras. This is an all-day route, which is, however, only open in the summer tourist season from 30.6. until 1.11.

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