Slovak Central Observatory Hurbanovo

The Slovak Central Observatory Hurbanovo (SCO) research facility is the largest astronomical observatory. It also acts as a hub for astrophysical research and instruction. The observatory has advanced tools for studying astronomical phenomena, including several telescopes, cameras, and spectrographs. The facility’s main research interests are observing and analyzing variable stars, galactic structures, and other celestial objects and studying asteroids, comets, and meteors.

The SCO is a popular destination for science education and public outreach. The observatory frequently offers tours, talks, and seminars to the general public, amateur astronomers, and students. It contributes significantly to developing astronomy and astrophysics in Slovakia and globally. It is a vital asset to the scientific community and the general public because of its cutting-edge facilities and dedication to education and outreach.

Komárňanská 137, 947 01 Hurbanovo

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