The Blue Stone Castle and Museum

The Blue Stone Castle and Museum are located in the smallest town of the same name in Slovakia. The castle complex dates back to the 12th century and played one of the most important roles during the Turkish invasions, when it was included in the Danube Defense Zone and King Bel IV. rebuilt as an anti-Turkish fortress. In the second half of the 16th century, the castle was destroyed by an extensive fire.

In 1730, a baroque mansion was built on the site of the lower castle, which still exists in its original form today. Part of it is the chapel of St. Anny, built in 1759 and together with the nearby Kalvária, offers visitors a wide range of leisure opportunities. The mansion is home to an exhibition of puppetry and toys, mapping their history and present at home and abroad. In addition, there is a unique historical exposition of dental technology, rare in the whole of Central Europe.

Zámocká 1, 992 01 Modrý Kameň

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