The Holíč Megaliths (Menhirs)

The Holíč Megaliths (Menhirs) are located in the lapidary in the yard of one of the former manufactory buildings. They come from a prehistoric roundel with a diameter of 60 meters, while the structure was made of 25 stones. These were placed in a circle, where low and wide alternated with tall and slender (this is a representation of a woman and a man). In the center was the main Idol decorated with symbols, a network of lines and remnants of paintings.

The stones were discovered in 1988 during work under Calvary, their origin dates back approximately 5500 to 6500 years. The placement of stones and cult objects within the rondel most likely had astronomical and magical significance. Stones in the area of ​​the lapidary are available to visitors all year round.

J. J. Boora 1466/2, 908 51 Holíč

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